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Challenging economic times requires expert guidance

Financial misfortune can strike any business or individual with potentially serious and far-reaching consequences. But an experienced PKF Chartouni adviser can help you through this stressful time, minimise the impact and put you on the road to recovery, while securing the best achievable outcome for creditors and other stakeholders.

Why choose PKF Chartouni?

Insolvency and corporate recovery legislation varies greatly throughout the world. Some countries have almost no rules in this area while others have a complex maze of legislation. In either event, having an insolvency expert like PKF Chartouni on your side is a must. Many PKF member firms have dedicated corporate recovery and insolvency practices and even smaller firms have direct insolvency experience.

Preventing problems by using PKF Chartouni

By getting involved at an early stage, PKF Chartouni advisers can identify the problems, stem the decline and stabilise the business. Where business turnaround may not be possible, your PKF Chartouni adviser will pursue the most appropriate options from an informal workout to formal insolvency.

In addition, a PKF Chartouni insolvency adviser can often find solutions to improve your company's fortunes so that insolvency ceases to be necessary. Our aim as far as possible is to bring about a recovery before the situation reaches that stage.

What do we offer?

  • Business Turnaround Services
    A company's fortune depends on various internal and external factors. In this respect, PKF Chartouni Covenant, an expert in studying and analysing the financial attributes of your company will assist you in resolving your issues or explore the possibilities of restructuring or turning around your troubled businesses. We will also liaise with your lenders, creditors and other professional to secure their understanding and support for the turnaround exercise should the need arises.
  • Debt Rationalisation Services
    When companies face liquidity problems, either from its own operations or the challenge of supporting underperforming businesses that are affecting their financial position and capabilities to meet their operational and financial obligations, lenders would be concerned over the company’s credit worthiness, financial capabilities, the business environment, business viability, loan security and asset conditions, and the integrity of the management. In this respect, PKF Chartouni Covenant can assist such companies, their lenders, shareholders and other stakeholders with our Debt Rationalisation Services.
  • Liquidation Services
    Sometimes through a corporate reconstruction exercise, the shareholders might want to liquidate or wind up a distress or underperforming company in order to minimise further losses and/or to salvage any remaining value of the company. We have extensive expertise to assist insolvent and troubled companies through a liquidation process. By applying the right approach diligently, to effectively and efficiently achieve a maximum return for the creditors, our liquidation services are aimed at assisting the stakeholders and/or creditors through the liquidation process, besides ensuring that the regulatory, legal, financial, employees and other stakeholders’ issues are safely handled.
  • Non-Performing Loans Review Services
    Non-Performing Loans (“NPL”) are part and parcel of money lending activities. No matter how strong the credit evaluation of a financial institution or monitoring capabilities are, the fluctuation of the economy and other external and/or internal events may inevitably affect a loan performance. In this respect, PKF Chartouni Covenant will work hand-in-hand with financial institutions to provide recovery solutions that may not be obvious to minimise NPL incidents.
  • Problem Debtor Review Services
    In today’s business environment, companies often fail to maintain their position in the competitive market. As lenders, the main concern will be on the borrower’s credit worthiness. At PKF Chartouni Covenant, we identify, evaluate and resolve any critical transactions and issues.
  • Receivership Services
    When a company defaults in its bank borrowings with financial institutions where it has provided a fixed and floating charge on the company’s assets, the financial institutions usually has the option to appoint a Receiver and/or Manager to deal and to dispose the company’s assets and/or business in order to settle the amount owing to the said financial institution. Further, a Receiver and/or Manager may also be appointed by the Court at the request of a stakeholder to safeguard the financial affairs of a company or its assets. We have the experience to act as Receiver and/or Manager to the Court, lenders or any affected stakeholders who may want to exercise or protect their rights on the affected company’s assets.