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About PKF Chartouni

In 1985, Emile Chartouni established his own accounting and tax consultancy practice. He built a strong relationship with his clients based on trust and as such, acquired a large and diverse client base comprising of the most renowned companies in Lebanon.

With his vision to grow and his desire to meet international standards along with clients’ need to grow on a multinational level, he adhered to the PKF International network in 1992 and became the PKF member firm in Lebanon. Throughout the years, PKF Chartouni has built a strong track record providing high quality services to become one of the largest in Lebanon, managed by professionally qualified Lebanese nationals. PKF serve a variety of clients, many of which are leading organizations in Lebanon.

PKF Chartouni is helmed by a team of vibrant and dynamic service-oriented individuals who have had in-depth experience in international and local accounting, audit, and taxation practices, and practical exposure in fields of consulting, management, and business operations. With our established reputation for local knowledge and attention to detail, combined with our global reach across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, the Far East, the Americas, and the Caribbean, we are equipped to serve your business and corporate needs.

In addition to providing services in the areas of assurance, tax, financial advisory and IRM services, PKF Chartouni professionals possess a high level of industry knowledge, which allows them to focus on business issues and trends that affect industries and market groups. This ensures that PKF Chartouni’s clients receive the highest quality service within the context of the clients’ business sector.

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Why Choose PKF Chartouni

The benefits you can get from choosing us

  1. Access to an international network of experts for assurance and advisory services

  2. End to end services that cover a broad spectrum of industries and sectors

  3. An internationally recognised and respected brand, and associated with independent auditing to the highest standards

  4. Efficient, cost-effective, relationship-focused and comprehensive services to your business

What Services can PKF Chartouni offer?

PKF Chartouni offer a wide range of services to a wide range of clients, these include:

  • Assurance & Advisory
  • Taxation
  • Corporate Finance
  • Insolvency
  • Financial Planning
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Management Consultancy
  • Hotel Consultancy
  • IT Consultancy

PKF Chartouni Corporate Finance Presentation

Find out more about the services offered by PKF Chartouni, and how we can positivley impact your business.