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PKF Chartouni provides corporate advisory and insolvency recovery advice. The firm offers a wide range of professional services to multinationals, public listed companies, private limited companies, charitable organisations and private individuals. The PKF Chartouni team has an extensive track-record and experience in delivering comprehensive corporate advisory services to its clients.

We are proud to be associated with a wide range of clients, which vary in size and industry. Our team, during their tenure with various internationally recognised financial institutions have equipped themselves with a sound knowledge of the global marketplace and the management skills of international standards. Our diversified clientele has provided us with an exposure to virtually every major industry.

Further, PKF Chartouni's hand-on approach of qualified professionals in the management of these assignments, regardless of size, will ensure that our clients benefit from our expertise and our delivery of cost effective services.

Why Choose PKF Chartouni?

The execution of our job functions will be guided broadly by the methodologies practiced by PKF Chartouni which is as follows:

  • Understanding Fundamentals
    We focus on the necessity to understand the fundamentals of each situation.
  • Hands-on-Approach
    We believe in the importance of having our key people at the forefront.
  • Timeliness and Accuracy
    Our ability to react accurately and provide timely solution is the hallmark of our practice.
  • Proactive Communication
    Proactive communication requires us to be at the cornerstone of our service philosophy.
  • Common Sense Perspective
    We recognise that the most difficult of problems usually rely on the simplest of solutions.
  • Preservation before Destruction
    We examine alternatives that are not obvious.

What do we offer?

  • Business Sale Advisory Services
    Among the most important factors to consider in deciding on the disposal of a company are achieving the best terms and price. At PKF Chartouni Covenant, our professional approach and experience helps to ensure that you will achieve the best possible selling price and the most effective deal structure in your circumstances. Our array of network will contribute to the effectiveness of the negotiations and we will guide you through the process from inception until the completion of the proposed transaction with the objective of maximising returns for you.
  • Corporate Restructuring Services
    Most companies face challenges that present threats to their financial stability, regardless of past results or the strength of the market in which they operate. Often these threats result from financial and commercial market pressures, stakeholder expectations and cash and capital constraints. Our restructuring professionals can help you address these challenges, whether you are a company, stakeholder or lender.
  • Financial Modelling
    Financial modelling has become an essential tool for today’s ever-challenging business environment. Having an integrated, robust and flexible financial model that is capable of simulating and testing various business scenarios is now an essential tool in charting a company’s future direction as well as playing an integral role in the strategic decision making process. At PKF Chartouni Covenant, we work with companies to develop innovative approaches to designing, developing and implementing financial modelling strategise across different industries. Our team of professional has extensive experience in formulating complex financial models to gain insights into the company’s financial strengths, the level of capital required, asset investment strategies and management strategies.
  • Financial Viability Review Services
    When a company is underperforming or in distress, the management, the shareholders, or the financial stakeholders may want to carry out an independent in-depth assessment of the company’s performance to determine its current financial, operational and commercial position. PKF Chartouni Covenant’s professionals strive to provide a thorough and useful analysis for the stakeholders of the companies, as well as for the management by focusing on their core activities. By undertaking an in-depth independent assessment of the company’s performance, we will be able to advice on achieving a best-case situation for the future viability of the business that may otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Independent Expert Advice Services
    In today’s corporate world, the requirements for an Independent Expert advice to be impartial and transparent are of a greater significance. As the regulation set by the regulatory authorities grow to be more rigid and stringent, our expertise in corporate finance and our familiarity with their requirements and guidelines will enable you to meet the requirements and your objectives as well.
  • IPO Advisory Services
    An established company that may be looking for alternative avenues of raising fund for their future expansion and growth, might want to consider an initial public offering on a suitable securities exchange overseas. Further, the pioneering shareholders of the company may also want to increase their net worth or create liquidity for their personal net worth. At PKF Chartouni Covenant, we can assist as financial advisors and provide a fair and reasonable opinion for companies looking to consider an initial public offering to meet their company and shareholders objectives. We also provide constructive strategic advice throughout the various phases, including the coordination of work of all advisors, evaluating the transaction process and providing solutions and strategies for a successful IPO exercise.
  • MBO Advisory Services
    A MOB needs to be attractive to external financing sources for the initial capital outlay. Private equity investors will consider the positive cash flow of the company before committing financially. Our buyout specialists will conduct an analysis to help clients structure a buyout transaction and procure the necessary funding and investors to carry it through.
  • Mergers And Acquisitions
    With the globalisation of the world economy, companies are growing by mergers and acquisitions in a bid to expand operations and remain competitive. The complexity of such transactions often makes it difficult to assess all risk exposures and liabilities, and required the skills of a specialist advisor. At PKF Chartouni Covenant, we have vast experiences in advising listed and unlisted companies on takeovers, mergers, corporate expansion and forming strategic alliances. Transactions like these often require professional services like planning, strategising and negotiating to successfully execute the proposed transactions.
  • Financial Due Diligence Services
    Obtaining a true picture of the underlying business is an important part of both the acquisition process and the post transaction strategy. If a business acquisition is to have a reasonable chance of succeeding, the transaction should be properly planned and the acquisition candidate thoroughly investigated. The due diligence process normally entails reviewing various aspect of the company such as financial records, physical assets, business prospects, etc. Our team offers independent, practical and robust advice that focuses on the key issues, enhancing your understanding of the target business and therefore allowing you to make an informed decision on the transaction.
  • Valuation Services
    Determining the worth of your company is more important than ever before. Every valuation assignment is unique, presenting its own set of facts, challenges and demands. At PKF Chartouni Covenant, we possess vast experiences and in-depth understanding of internationally recognised valuation methodologies to suit the specific needs of our clients. We provide a full range of valuation services that include the valuation of listed and unlisted companies, equity and debt instruments.